Design, study, clean up and maintenance

NetConnect leaves nothing to chance in solving your network problem. Our engineers unravel the secrets of your network by focussing on identification and analysis and putting things in order.


Outsourcing and consultancy

Always a specialist at hand:

Do you want to be sure that your network is always up and running? Do you need to adjust the network regularly due to internal moves or the arrival of new employees? Do you need someone who can intervene immediately when your network is under heavy load?

Netconnect offers you an interesting outsourcing formula: a specialist/consultant comes to your company a few days a week or even full time to manage the network.

Your advantages:

  • you don't have to call anyone, the specialist is in house
  • you save time: problems are solved faster
  • you anticipate the evolution of your organisation and network
  • you have someone on hand who thinks in a solution-oriented way
  • you have a direct link with Netconnect's technological know-how

Design and study

Netconnect looks for the requirements and needs of the customer, and then makes a design or study based on the right foundation. We design a future-proof platform that is ready to integrate the latest technologies.

Clean-up and maintenance

Netconnect detangles the complex multiplicity that has been formed over the years in your server room and around your company network. With the perfect analysis and know-how, our specialised technicians can fine-tune your network. Netconnect is also specialised in the professional cleaning of your server room or datacenter.

Behind the scenes, Netconnect closely monitors your IT network. This to ensure continuity. If necessary, proactive action is taken to guarantee that your servers, PC's, firewalls, routers, wifi access points, cameras, satellite connections and so on, stay online.