Satellite reception, TV distribution, IPTV and multimedia solutions

Netconnect installs sound, image and content for satellite TV, TV distribution and hospitality services.


All-in-one solution for content reception, distribution and display

How to stream sound, visual images and content throughout every inch of where our residents or users need it? This question is often heard in many different sectors, such as hotels, residential care centres, hospitals, assisted living facilities, offices, and so on.

Installation and support

Netconnect takes care of the complete installation of the systems. You can also count on Netconnect to receive full service support over the long term.

Techniques that combine sound, image and content

Netconnect combines various techniques to provide high quality sound, image and content:

  • installation of satellite reception (hotel TV) and distribution of the signal throughout the building: an one-off investment that gives all guests access to a wide choice of television and radio channels
  • integration of television, sound and internet: a complete range of multimedia
  • IPTV: watching television on the Internet + distributing information through the same channel