Intelligent camera systems

Need a smart way to get more out of your camera surveillance? Netconnect integrates an intelligent system for many applications.


Integrate intelligence into your (existing) camera system

An intelligent camera system does more than just register images. It is designed to recognise images automatically. You can use this automatic recognition to detect people, objects and vehicles. And so you create data input for use in a wide range of applications. With the innovation of Netconnect, you invest in more safety, less workload and cost efficiency.

Versatile system to know more

Intelligent image detection provides smart analysis. It means that you know quickly who enters and leaves a building. This is useful for increased security. But managing and registering access also provides insight into personnel management and marketing.

Step-by-step approach to your needs

You want to make your camera surveillance smarter? NetConnect measures the state of your site and maps out your needs. As a specialist in intelligent camera surveillance and the many application possibilities, we ensure that security in your company increases and saves time and money.

Some of our application possibilities:

  • Opening gates and fences through number plate recognition
  • Authorise access via fingerprint, iris scan, badge
  • Register working time because the system logs place and time
  • Count visitors
  • Targeted evacuation in case of fire alarm
  • Map out popular places in a building
  • Locating people or objects in a large crowd
  • Tracking suspicious persons through sophisticated search function
  • Burglary prevention through video software that alarms when someone enters a pre-set perimeter