NetConnect, the expert for your network

Netconnect is the expert in structured network cabling, fiber optics and WiFi installations

We cable your network in copper and fiber as a certified designer and installer. We install and maintain computer labs and data centers. We can also implement a completely new design for your data center. Your IT infrastructure is redesigned and completely cleaned by us according to the latest technology. To avoid inconvenience, we can offer to work on your installations at night and during the weekend.

Netconnect is also specialized in designing data centers, WiFi, IT infrastructure management, satellite reception, TV distribution, IPTV, multimedia solutions, telephony, building automation and intelligent camera systems.

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Total solution for your business

Netconnect offers a wide range of services where it has accumulated unique experience over the past years.

This enables Netconnect to apply all its knowledge to achieve a total solution for your project, continue to look to the future and provide expert advice.

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