Set up of server rooms and datacenters

Considering the equipment for organising your server rooms or data centres? Entrust Netconnect to assist you with all aspects involved to achieve continuous operations.


Secure the beating heart of your organisation

Your data center or server room is in many ways the very heart of your business. If the system fails, you may not be able to conduct business at all. Together with Netconnect, make sure that your server room always keeps its head and its heart cool.

Netconnect offers you a total solution that meets all your server room needs: from advice, through project management and design, to installation and maintenance.

Complete furnishing of your server room and data centre

Trust the complete set-up to Netconnect with peace of mind:

  • redundant power supply, switching systems and electricity installation
  • placement of cooled server racks and inrow cooling
  • placement of data racks and server racks
  • cable guidance and placement of cable cars
  • placement of fire detection and extinguishing systems

User-friendly DCIM solution

The digital possibilities and applications are becoming increasingly complex. It becomes more and more important to keep an overview. Netconnect documents your IT infrastructure and brings it to life with great IT infrastructure visualisation.

Maintenance of your server room and datacenter

The configuration of your server room and datacenter evolves. As a result, it may be necessary to update the network racks and cabling after some time. Netconnect will gladly perform this task for you.

Do you need a complete cleaning of your server room? Netconnect is your partner for that too.

Temperature and humidity always under control

Thanks to Netconnect the temperature and humidity in your server room or datacenter are always under control and measurable.

We install an adequate cooling system and create an optimal airflow to the equipment. A complete cold corridor system cools your servers and systems. We install the entire HVAC installation down to the smallest detail.

Naturally, you can also rely on us for the maintenance of your server room or data centre.