Fiber optic cabling

Professionally installing, joining and splicing opic fiber.


Fiberglass is future-proof

The need for bandwidth is still growing. Fiber optic cabling can cope with that capacity, because fiber optics offers the following advantages:

  • combines high speed and large volume
  • can span longer distances
  • is safe for data traffic
  • is virtually free of interference
  • provides a single connection for internet, telephony, back-up, camera surveillance, video conferencing, external management of data, etc.

Best choice of fiber optics and connectors

Few companies have the knowledge to professionally install fiber optic cabling. Our fiber optic specialists are very well skilled in the laying, joining and assembling.

Moreover, Netconnect advises in the right choice of fiber optic type and connectors according to your expectations and needs. This is important both for the application and for the correct connection with the active equipment.

For top quality, choose Netconnect.

Equipment from top suppliers

Netconnect works with fiber splicers and optical power meter devices from top suppliers. This is necessary, because our fibre-optic specialists pay attention to every detail. So you can be sure of a professional installation and accurate testing of your fibre-optic network.

Experience with fiber optic cable in various markets

We have extensive experience with installations for both SMEs and multinationals. Petrochemical industry, port operators, educational institutions, hospitality firms, industrial companies, ... They all call on Netconnect for their fiber-optic networks.