Campus Sint Ursula Lier

High school, project in 2015 - 2019


Saint Ursula Campus in Lier consists of three schools: Saint Ursula Middle School (SUM), Saint Ursula High School (SUL) and Saint Ursula Institute (SUI). The sub-schools of the Saint Ursula campus, situated in a quiet neighbourhood near the city center of Lier, present themselves as a school to the outside world. They offer a broad range of studies.

Netconnect installed a structured network in this building. Verification of cabling was measured by Fluke equipment (10 DSX800 in-house).

Fase 1 - 2015:

  • 25km U/FTP Cat6A
  • 250m SM Back-Bone
  • 10 patch Racks


Fase 2 - 2017:

  • 20km U/FTP Cat6A
  • 4km SM Back-Bone
  • 5 patch Racks