Wireless networks and WiFi

You don't have WiFi in your buildings yet? Netconnect is the absolute specialist in the installation of WiFi systems and wireless networks.

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Why install WiFi for your organisation?

How to send emails efficiently, surf the Internet, share data and phone within your building or from your whole site? That's where you need a wireless network. It is easy enough to install just any WiFi network, but it often doesn't meet the expectations of its users (your staff and visitors). So get Netconnect to do it.


Study and advise about your WiFi network

At Netconnect, we map out everything:

  • the volume and usage requirements for your WiFi network;
  • the current usage;
  • any of your own or other networks that may be causing interference;
  • architectural ‘notspots’;
  • the total area where WiFi needs to be accessible.

Implementation and configuration of your WiFi network

After the complete site survey and the associated measurements, we will get down to work on actually installing the WiFi network. Netconnect only installs hardware from brands that guarantee consistently high quality network connections.


Your WiFi network: security, remote support and maintenance

Together, we decide where a network has to be public, and where it must be private. Effective security for your WiFi network prevents abuse and overloading. What if something unexpected happens? Netconnect offers you remote support and maintenance, so that your WiFi network is always up and running.