Satellite reception, cable TV and hospitality services

Netconnect installs sound, images and content for satellite TV, cable TV and hospitality services.

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Total solution for reception, distribution and display of content

How do we get sound, images and content wherever our residents or users need it? That is a question that is asked in quite a lot of sectors: hotels, residential care homes, hospitals, assisted living centers, offices, etc.

Installation + support

Netconnect handles the complete installation of the systems. You can rely on us for the whole support service. Want to talk about the possibilities? Please contact us.

Techniques combining sound, images and content

Netconnect combines various techniques to provide high quality sound, images and content: 

  • installation of satellite reception ('hotel TV') and distribution of the signal throughout the building: a one-off investment that gives all guests access to a vast number of TV and radio channels;
  • integration of television, sound and Internet: a complete multimedia offering;
  • IPTV: watching TV via the Internet + disseminating information via the same channel.