Network cabling: structured cabling, data networks and telephony

Netconnect is specialist in professional cabling for data networks and telephony. Both for SMEs and multinationals.

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Top service for your network cabling

Just let us handle your whole cabling project:

  • we screen your network;
  • we carry out a detailed study;
  • we work independently of suppliers and brands.


You get absolute certainty, and

  • expert advice;
  • information about the evolution of technology;
  • a picture of how your network will develop in the future;
  • a tested and certified network, plus warranty;
  • after the installation, an 'as-built' plan.


We manage and support your whole cabling project.

With Netconnect, you are certain of full service:

  • cable management and patching: everything clearly mapped out;
  • advice and network connection for internal and external moves;
  • adaptation and extension of the network;
  • efficient service calls.

For the various types of network

Netconnect is perfectly at home with any type of network. We provide you with expert advice. Result: you choose the right type of network for your organisation.


Also for your data center or computer room

Call on Netconnect for your data center services:

  • installation of patch cables with correct labelling;
  • management of databases with software that keeps your entire infrastructure, network cabling, building and end-users manageable;
  • additional services to keep your data center working at top performance levels.