Fiber optic cabling

Professional cable installation; laying, welding and finishing.

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Bandwidth requirements are growing all the time. So fiber optic cabling is the solution. Because fiber optic:

  • combines high speed and large volume;
  • it can span longer distances;
  • is secure for data traffic;
  • is virtually free of interference;
  • gives you one connection for the Internet, telephony, back-up, camera surveillance, videoconferencing, external management of data, etc.

Few companies have the know-how available in-house to lay fiber optic cabling professionally. Need to be certain of top quality? Then choose Netconnect. Our fiber optic specialists are inspired in their laying, welding and finishing.

Netconnect listens carefully to your wishes beforehand. That is necessary, for example, to opt for single-mode (for long distances) or multi-mode (for shorter distances). This is important for the application as well as the current linking with the active devices. Netconnect gives you sound advice.

Experience with fiber optic cable in various sectors

Netconnect works with welding devices and measuring apparatus from top suppliers. We have to, because our fiber optic specialists want to check every detail. So you are certain of a professional installation and meticulous testing of your fiber optic network.

We have extensive experience with installations in SMEs and multinationals. Petrochemicals, port operators, educational establishments, hospitality firms, industrial companies, they all call Netconnect for their fiber optic networks.