Electrotechnical installations and building automation

Netconnect provides the total solution, together with the network cabling: electrotechnical installation and building automation.

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A single partner for the electricity and your network installation

From the budgetary and practical viewpoint, it is often more attractive to have just one partner for the entire electrotechnical installation and the building automation.


Total solution for a large number of applications

Most firms are not able to provide the electrical aspects of a network installation and a total solution for network cabling. Netconnect is the exception; we are thoroughly familiar with the technical aspects of a wide range of applications:

  • control of switches, lights, electrical sockets and airco;
  • advice about the installation of lighting;
  • technical facilities for meeting rooms with complete videoconferencing equipment;
  • installation of multimedia solutions for education, training and business;
  • suspension of screens and digital signage;
  • integration of audiovisual media.

Secure your building with the latest technology

Netconnect can provide a total security solution with camera surveillance, access control, intrusion prevention and fire detection.


Flexdesk software

Are you familiar with smart working, and do your offices consist mainly of flexdesks? Flexdesk management software enables you to monitor the use of flexdesks, so that you can match supply to demand. Netconnect installs the software and the sensors that measure their use.